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Green And Glowy

Green And Glowy published on No Comments on Green And Glowy
"Green And Glowy"
Mouton comic
Artist: Isabel Ruiz | Writer: Mario J. Lucero
Comic # 6
Character(s) Lucent and Mouton
Release date July 15th, 2013
Comic chronology
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"I’m Such A Klutz!" (comic)
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"This is the latest Mouton comic" (comic)
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"Green And Glowy" is the sixth Mouton comic of Mouton #1, and the sixth overall comic of the series. It was released on July 15th, 2013. It is preceded by "I’m Such A Klutz!", and followed by "This is the latest Mouton comic". The comic features the characters Lucent and Mouton.


But, Lucent, desired to be even more!


Story arc

"Cover" - "Slice" - "Nihon" - "Time For A Backstory" - "I’m Such A Klutz!" - "Green And Glowy" - "This Could Work" - "Rushed" - "New Power"